Onboarding new applications to myAccess

If you are interested in virtualising one of your course's teaching lab applications, please complete the Contact Us form or else contact the team on


myAccess Support

In addition to the support material available on the myAccess website, you can request in-class support. Floorwalkers will attend the first 10-15 minutes of your lecture/tutorial fielding all myAccess related questions and set-up issues. To request floorwalking support, contact the team on 


myAccess Getting Started Support Material 

We find that the best way to get student adoption of myAccess is to inform them ahead of time that the courses' applications are available virtually. This allows them time to complete the set-up and familiarise themselves with the service prior to your first tutorial/lecture. To assist you in providing them with the right information you can use the following promotional/support materials below, just insert your application name and course codes: