GEOVIA Whittle

GEOVIA Whittle is a strategic planning software for mining. Whittle deliver trusted results and is used in scoping, feasibility, life-of-mine scheduling and in the ongoing re-evaluation of mine plans throught the production phase. WIth its 64-bit platform, Whittle handles large data sets designed to optimise and run big models. TO assist with these ever increasing atasets, in addition to Lerchs-Grossmann, Whittle also includes the Pseudoflow algorithm which is renowned for the speed.


Important Message

  • GEOVIA Whittle hosted on the myAccess service is reserved for use by teaching staff and eligible undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students enrolled in MINE3230 (Mine Planning), MINE4250 (Hardrock Mine Design and Feasibility Project) and MINE4260 (Coal Mine Design and Feasibility Project) from the School of Mining and Australian Centre for Sustainable Mining Practices.
  • The myAccess service is designed to support teaching. Applications hosted on the service must not be used for commercial or revenue generating activities, or to facilitate research.
  • The myAccess service must not be used to access, manage or transmit data classified as ‘Sensitive’ or ‘Highly Sensitive’. For more information refer to the UNSW Data Classification Standard

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