FoodWorks is trusted Australian software for nutrient analysis. FoodWorks is used in a wide range of settings, including in most larger hospitals and universities, and in some of Australia's largest and smallest food companies. Users include dietitians, nutritionists,nutrition educators, nutrition researchers, food technologists, sports professionals, recipe authors and home economists.


Important Message

  • Foodworks hosted on the myAccess service is reserved for use by teaching staff and eligible undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students enrolled in HESC1511 Exercise Programs & Behaviour, HESC3504 Physical Activity & Health, HESC4511 Research Project, HESC4571 Research Project and HESC3541 Clinical Exercise Physiology from the Faculty of Medicine and the School of Chemical Engineering.
  • The myAccess service is designed to support teaching. Applications hosted on the service must not be used for commercial or revenue generating activities, or to facilitate research.
  • You must not use the myAccess service to access, store or transmit data classified as ‘Sensitive’ or ‘Highly Sensitive’ as classified by UNSW see the UNSW Data Classification Standard for more information.

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